Custom bred designed fowls  

Winning ability is tested and proven against the best.

         Welcome to HAJMA Lines, These are lines designed and developed out of the love for off-colored fowls. Challenged by the belief that off-colored fowls are generally inferior to the red fowl, Brothers Herman P. Asanias Jr., a realtor, and Dr. Michael P. Asanias, a surgeon, designed and embarked on a breeding program to enhance their winning ability and make them hard to beat.
They started with the whites, with their group, composed of Herman 'Jun" Asanias, Alejo 'Alec' Bagamaspad, James 'Jong' Pacis, Michael 'Mike' Asanias and Antonio 'Jun" Du. It took them eight (8) years of breeding to attain their design. With their experience with the whites as their template, the development of the other colors had been shorter. 

Game Fowl Custom Breeding is an art of creating battle strains in accordance with a certain design, until the ability to mass produce off-springs consistently similar to a chosen prototype especially in plumage, station, body conformation and fighting style, is attained.