Custom bred designed fowls  

Winning ability is tested and proven against the best.


These are considered as Gold in some farms ans Blue in others but after we acquired Golden fowls from a former Bakbakan Champion and we have a different line of  Blues, we have to call them Silvers to reflect their breast, wing and tail feathers which are silvery-lead  in color. 
 These were  bred  from a pullet bought from a backyard breeder. It was bred initially to four different sweater/hatch winners coming respectively from the farms of Cong. Lawrence Wacnang, Patrick Antonio, Arnold Mendoza and Tony Lasala. Fifteen cocks and stags were tested garnering seventeen wins and one loss. As bullstags, they had been fought in cock derbies against aged cocks and came out victorious. They are being line bred on the cocks' side and crossed among the families.