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Winning ability is tested and proven against the best.

Whites - 'Mga Narse ni Dok'

This white bloodline known as 'Mga Narse ni Dok' in the various cockpits of Cagayan, had been developed and bred for the last fourteen years. It had been started with a White Kelso crossed to a White Claret which produced very aggressive fighters. They had won many fights but would often come out of the pit dead or severely wounded. Through the years they had been infused with blood that were intended to tame their fighting style and when that was achieved, their genes were locked and made homogenous through recurrent selective reciprocal mating. They had been bred that way for the last eight years. They are now very smart as they wait, go vertical or weave and wave. They either wait or make opportunities to deliver their accurate body punches.

This line is well known in Cagayan Province. As cocks, they had achieved a winning percentage of more than 120%. using the #of wins/#of cocks fought ratio, in hackfights and derbies. They had also proven their worth as stags. During the 2008 Stag Season, fought in the CVGBA, NELBA, BAKBAKAN and UGBA Derbies, they garnered eight wins and only suffered a single loss out of eight stags fought in nine fights.